Creative & Production Team

We want to thank everyone who has helped make this dream a reality, this list is surely not complete but it's a great start!

George Bugatti
RNL- photo from reading- 1st group

George J Bugatti

Josh Iacovelli

Set design
Josh Iacovelli

Produced by
Times Square Theatre Group
George Bugatti
Jerry Rosenberg
Michael Guccione

Associate Producer
Adam Smith Jr.

Casting Director
Lisa Regina

Steve Rawlins/ George Bugatti

Technical Consultant
Geoff Shepard

Shea Arender

General Manager
Jessimeg Productions/Edmund Gaynes

Public Relations
Harlan Boll

Marketing and Branding
The Marketing Doctor, John Tantillo

Special Thanks to; Lisa Regina – Casting/ Actress/ Acting Coach –, 
  Jeri Fischer, Lorraine Hunt- Bono, Dennis Bono, Michael Bement, Peter Breger, John Tantillo, and of course, Mr. Rich Little!