Review Of Trial On The Potomac by the AMAZING KRESKIN

One cannot help but be intrigued by a reproduction of a part of history that has taken place years ago, and in this particular case, I am thinking of a play that I had the privilege of attending a couple of nights ago titled “Trial on the Potomac”. The theme of the play was the impeachment of President Richard Nixon. While visually working in various appearances on television as well as live entertainment, I could not ignore what was amongst the primary news issues that was taking place over a couple of years, that was questioning of the integrity and the responsibility of the then President of the United States. While we could never assume that dramatizing history is an absolutely accurate reproduction, but what we can appreciate is the re-awakening of part of our history with the opportunity of looking at it from possible angles and venues that hadn’t entered our thinking at that time. Rich Little has made a brilliant theatrical debut, playing Richard Nixon in a “alternative history”. It was written by George J. Bugatti, and the play is an imaginary projection on what the Nixon impeachment trial might have looked like if the President had not resigned. We are reminded by living characters in the play that there was a crooked conspiracy by Washington insiders to remove the President from office. Now just think about this, does this not start ringing bells? Who in that audience, as I sat there, could not have found themselves experiencing a déjà vu, and we hear that behind the scenes there was an attempt to distort, or damage or milline, claiming questionable acts by the President? No, this play has nothing to do with our current Presidents, but the timing of it is absolutely remarkable, and what I think is part of the brilliance of the play is its length. I couldn’t believe it, when 90 minutes, that right, an hour and a half went by bringing the play to a fast moving, successful close.

Rich Little is brilliant in taking on the role of President Nixon, and has the support in over a dozen fine actors. Young people who wish to go into acting could learn much by witnessing this successful play. They will see captured scene upon scene without any stage breaks, and there is not intermission. The Segway of the storyline is so well crafted to what can successfully be done without special electronic equipment etc. Rich Little and his crew have managed a brilliant achievement in live show business.

The Amazing Kreskin

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