The Impeachment of Richard Nixon | Written by George Bugatti

Inspired by ‘The Real Watergate Scandal’ by Geoff Shepard

What if

  President Richard M. Nixon had not resigned?

What if

  One young lawyer uncovered the shocking truth?

What if

  Nixon had fought back?

Trial on the Potomac is an exciting new play based on the real-life discoveries of Geoff Shepard, a lawyer who worked in the Nixon White House during the Watergate scandal.The dramatized proceedings of such a trial unveil this NEWLY DISCOVERED EVIDENCE – revealing a conspiracy to DESTROY the president, by the most powerful forces in the country.


The evidence unmasks an astonishing CONSPIRACY by the liberal political establishment, spearheaded by TED KENNEDY – to drive NIXON from office.


The trial will offer proof that NIXON did NOT act criminally in the Watergate scandal. It will also offer a narrative that JOHN DEAN was the MASTERMIND behind the Watergate cover-up.


Trial on the Potomac tells a tale of secret meetings, secret memos, and secret collusion that will shock America. ‘But at least you cannot say, and the American people cannot say that they have not been told the truth.’ – ‘Richard NIXON,’ Trial on the Potomac